THBD is a movement, business and community created by entrepreneur/actress Holly Fulger to celebrate the beauty of difference and create new and inclusive beauty ideals.

Our goal is to portray women of diverse physical appearance, age, race, shape and size as role models, and feature them in all of our content. Through various digital channels, including a website and social media, we want to challenge existing beauty norms and make beauty inclusive, not exclusive.


The Legends

At the core of THBD’s products are the Legends. Being a legend is understanding who you are and what your calling is. 

What is something you do memorably like no one else? What are your values in life? Becominglegendary in your life is about making an impact on other people’s lives; using who you are to impact your world. What you present to the world is part of your impact.

These style aesthetics were developed by Holly with the help of various personalities and designers to represent different aspect and angles of beauty. Though each Legend is designed to reflect the inner beauty of each style, all of us are Legends in different ways and we all have pieces and parts of each Legend within ourselves. 

None of us are any one Legend but all of us have different pieces and parts within ourselves and the Legends serve as inspiration to help us achieve our happiest, most beautiful selves.


Hollywood Beauty Detective

In THBD Founder Holly Fulger's webseries, Hollywood Beauty Detective, she seeks to redefine beauty by challenging the western beauty myth and exploring other versions of beauty.