Cottage Cheese Days

For most of my life I’ve toed the line between radical self-love and utter self-hatred, with an occasional step into the pool of generic ambivalence.  

Oh, you too?


You also spend some days looking into your mirror and soul and seeing the superhero lady your best friends claim you are, and other days thinking you might as well be made of expired cottage cheese?


Huh. What a coincidence.


According to the Dove Self-Esteem Project, “80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful, but do not see their own beauty.”*


80% is a huge percentage. How man times have you heard your best friend criticize something about their body and been utterly confused because you see nothing wrong? How many times has your best friend tried to convince you that your nose or legs or tummy are perfect just as they are? How many times have you been able to believe them?


I posted a video from The Scene on THBD’s Facebook page the other day. Two best friends have each written a list of common negative thoughts they think about themselves. In the video, they take turns reading off the comments on their own list, directed to each other.


This video is hard to watch for a lot of reasons. It’s painful to see women who clearly care for each other saying such horrible things to each other. It’s also painful to know that these two remarkably lovely women think these things about themselves. But mostly it’s painful because I have heard my closest friends say some of those same things about themselves. And because I hear the same and similar things daily in my own head.


So let’s all just love ourselves the way we love our best friends? Easier said than done, huh?


But it is a place to start, especially on those expired cottage cheese days