5 Makeup Tips from Drag Queens

Rupaul Mac Campaign Why Drag Queens?  Some would say they are the true masters of transformation.  In fact, RuPaul is the inspiration for beauty in Mac's Viva Glam Beauty Campaign.

Yes, I am slightly obsessed with Drag Queens. They have figured out beauty hacks to many dilemmas that we all have experienced. I’ve learned many of these from watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, in which the contestants compete in all kinds of crazy competitions to be named “America’s Next Drag Superstar”. 

Many of this tips are used by Drag Queens, as you can see by Season Six Winner, Bianca Del Rio.  Here are a few standouts from the runway that have caught my eye.

bianca-del-rio1.  Use Medical Adhesive over your brows.

Bianca uses Pros Aide, others use glue sticks, but you get the idea. These ladies have got this down to a science!  They basically then cover their brows and redraw new ones higher up to open the eye area.  This may seem a a little extreme for the everyday gal - but there is a away to adapt this technique.  Use a dab of lash glue to cover scars or missing sections.  You can draw over the glue to open up the brow, or to extend the length.  Viola!


Cooking Foundation

  1. Let your foundation “cook” before you blend it.

Apply your foundation in key areas, (cheeks, nose, forehead, chin) and let it sit on your skin for a moment. The warmth of your skin lets it glide and blend much easier. Plus, it focuses the coverage in these areas, which is where you need it most.  Blending is very important here!  I would suggest using a damp Beauty Blender sponge to blend away any demarcations.





3.  Highlight with concealer, then a shimmer cream.


If you have heard of the buzz word “strobing”, this is it! Use the concealer all over the high points of your face, and then dab a shimmer cream right on top of that. As seen on It Girl Gigi Hadid -It makes your face glow all over and gives dimension without the heavy contour.



Drag Queen Lashes

  1. Use 2 pairs of false lashes and white eyeliner.

Choose a more natural looking pair, and glue those directly to your top lashes. Then apply a more dramatic, glamorous pair and glue them on top of those to your lash line. You will be amazed how your eyes POP!

For even more wow, line your upper and lower inner rims with white pencil liner.


drag quuen bustline5.  Create a fuller bustline with shimmery bronzer and highlighter.

Apply an “m” shape over your chest with the bronzer, and blend the shimmer highlighter directly on top of your boobs. Instant boob job!!