The Hollywood Beauty Detective: I Refuse To Wear Angel Wings

aaerie As The Hollywood Beauty Detective, I am all about supporting brands that want to reinvent the way we approach beauty, body image, and fashion. Challenging and demanding new and more diverse versions of beauty is what we need to continue to do. Adore Me's plus-size bralette is the latest company pushing to differentiate itself from Victoria's Secret. I don't think it's a big secret that Victoria's Secret carries a very limited range of bra sizes (meaning if you're a JJ- bra sizes go up to a KK- you're out of luck). So again, if you don't fit into the narrow version of options presented (like almost all of us), too bad.

Changing this is necessary and important. I will continue to say this and continue to applaud companies that create the change that needs to happen, so that beauty becomes inclusive and women can stop thinking that if they don't look like a Victoria's Secret model there is something wrong with them.


And who really looks a Victoria's Secret model? Victoria's Secret objectives women and girls in an overtly sexual way, that includes: skinny models in lacy underwear, lots of cleavage in push-up bras, tousled hair - and wings. Yep...wings. Now there's an attainable image.

Last year, in response to this, Lane Bryant, who exclusively caters to women sizes 14 to 28, came out with a campaign featuring curvier models. The tagline #ImNoAngel was an instant success throughout social media, with women expressing gratitude for this message of diversity and inclusion. The campaign features a video of six lingerie-clad women, including Swimsuits for All spokesperson Ashley Graham, talking about what makes them feel sexy. "It's all about how you feel," one model says.

Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign

And now we have Adore Me's plus-size bralettes that go up to size 4XL.  Women want change. It's that simple. Dressing up like an angel in a push up bra with (RIDICULOUSLY BIG) wings? Not so much.  Adore me

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