The Hollywood Beauty Detective's 10 Legendary Looks

Holly & MelissaMelissa McNamara (THBD's Beauty Director) and I met in 2007. We instantly connected and became fast friends. Not only did I love Melissa's spirit, I also loved the way she expressed herself as a woman and I appreciated her perspective as a feminist.  Mel and I both loved makeup. We both loved how it could empower not only us, but we saw that it had the potential to empower women everywhere. In this belief, we were one. I feel that there are points in our lives when ideas and potential come together. For me and Mel, this happened when we took our like-mindedness and created our Core Beauty Workshop.

We created our Core Beauty Workshop because we believed that there was a way to show women how to express their essence. We believed that there was more to 'beauty' than trying to look like a manufactured version of a woman. We knew that the most valuable and defining parts of a woman were deeply rooted in her her essence. And, we believed that it was our mission to help women discover that 'essence.'

BP2Our first Core Beauty Workshop was in August of 2011.

So, at that first workshop, there we and Melissa...and eight women. Each woman had a deck of 100 cards with words on them. We told each woman to separate the words into two groups- a 'yes' group and a 'no' group. From there we had the women take the 'yes' pile and choose ten cards. Then five. Then one. And that one word was the word and the 'essence' that they wanted to put out to the world.

I will never forget our first workshop...for so many reasons. It taught us so much. I distinctly remember a woman coming to the workshop who absolutely embodied the word 'timid.' She had a short bob hairstyle, glasses, no makeup, and a fashion style that conveyed, 'stay away. '

The word she ended up choosing was, 'exciting.' Los Angeles-20120128-00014And we were off. We talked to her about what the word 'exciting' meant to her. What it looked like. What it was.

As we spoke with her, Melissa choose colors that would express what she was telling us. Mel began applying eye color, cheek color....the works. And when Melissa was finished and this woman looked in the mirror...she was transformed. And empowered. And it was extraordinary.

As Bobbi Brown says, "I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the right makeup."

Melissa and I saw this again and again when we encouraged women to choose a word to express their essence and then interpreted that essence for them.

And this interpreting is what led us to create The Hollywood Beauty Detective's 10 Legendary Looks. Our 'Looks' embody an essence of a woman. And they show them a means and a way to express that essence. And we make it simple...our Quiz will lead you to your 'look.'

We believe that every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel that way. Our goal is to help facilitate that. Please join us. Take our Quiz and see what 'Look' best expresses your essence.