Hollywood Makeup Tips: The Best Way to Keep Your Brushes Clean

  brush cleaner

You may not think this is an important step in your beauty routine - But if you don't do it, you are doing damage to your skin AND your makeup!   Ever have a breakout after you apply your makeup?  Or how about that hard shiny surface that forms on your powder...  How did that get there?  The painful truth is that your brushes carry oils and bacteria that NEED to be washed off.


cleaning makeup brushes

Baby Shampoo -  Squirt a small amount of shampoo onto the palm of your hand. mix it with water until it becomes frothy.  swirl the brush into the palm of your hand, rinse, and lay flat to dry.

Intensive Deep Cleaning - Use a combination of mild dishwashing soap and extra virgin olive oil using the method above.  The benefit?  The olive oil conditions the bristles leaving them super soft.

Professional Brush Cleansers - The most costly of the three, but made to do the job.  Instead of purchasing name brands line MAC, use one sold at beauty supply stores...  My fave is the Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner.

Makeup Wipes - Use a makeup wipe for the quick fix.  You will still need to use one of the other methods eventually, but this works for "on the spot" cleaning.  Swirl the brush gently over the wipe until the residue no longer appears.

Do this and your makeup will blend easier, your brushes will last longer, and you won't get any transfer oils!