Be an Inspirer: Beauty Trends 2016

Dark lips may be called vampy or goth - But this year they are simply beautiful when paired with translucent skin and a swipe of suede colored eyeshadow.  We call this look "Inspiring". Here are e few easy ways to recreate this look using a few behind the scenes makeup tips.

dark lips

The Inspirer

As a makeup artist, I have seen how difficult it can be to get this look without the smudges or imperfections of dark lipstick.  Here's a foolproof approach to get the Inspirer Lip.

  1. CONCEAL:  Use a cream concealer to block out the color on your lips, and blend the concealer completely over the lips.
  2. POWDER:  Tap a tranluscent powder over the lips to set the concealer.  This will stop any bleeding of the color into fine lines around the mouth.
  3. LINE:  Line the lips with a neutral, skin colored lip liner.
  4. COLOR:  Use a lip brush to apply the lip stick onto the lips.


The result?  A sultry, dark lip that stays on for hours on end!  Like this one, seen on the Dior runway...