Shaking the Tree

TMZYesterday I saw a piece TMZ posted showing a new unaired lingerie commercial from Lane Bryant. The ad features three models, one of whom is Ashley Graham. All the models defy the "Western Beauty Ideal" (all three models are over a size 8). Multiple TV networks have banned the spot.

TMZ states that, "...sources connected to Lane Bryant tell us the spot was rejected by ABC and NBC. We're told neither provided specifics about what crossed the line ... other than to say they were turning it down "as is." Our sources firmly believe it's a size issue and not nudity ... since thinner women frequently appear in commercials which are already airing. Think Victoria's Secret." vs

I would say that the female collective is well and truly 'shaking the tree.' And I love that.

The other day was International Women's Day. I saw an article -Women in Advertising-  that came out of the UK, addressing diversity issues. In the article Cindy Gallop, founder and chief executive of  IfWeRanTheWorld,  says,  "At the top of our industry there is a closed loop of white guys, talking to white guys, about other white guys. And the problem is, we see no change, because the white men at the top, sitting pretty, have absolutely no desire to change."

But we have to change and I believe we are. In my opinion, the only way to change is to 'shake the tree.' To keep talking about issues that don't move us forward, as women. Diversity and inclusion are the way through. But we have to fight and we have to push back. We have to keep 'shaking the tree.'

Take it from Cindy Gallop when she closes with, "Diversity doesn’t lower the bar. Diversity raises the fucking bar. Diversity will make our industry more creative and more lucrative."

Shake your tree, Ladies.