Are You Stuck On Life's Treadmill

  I have been training for an upcoming race I will be running, so training has been essential.  The sun has been shining as of late, but a few weeks ago I put on my running shoes only to discover it was raining outside  So off to the gym I  go.  I jumped on the treadmill and I started running.  Usually I find the 1st mile the hardest before I get in my running groove.  This time after 3 miles in - I was still not "feeling it".  I'm usually good at pushing through and getting it done but this time I just couldn't and I didn't make it my usual 6 miles.  I was frustrated with myself and a little perplexed as to why it was so difficult to accomplish.

  The next run I went on was outside, with the nice sea breeze blowing in my face and the run was just as easy as I remembered.  No problems, no stress, just a nice blissful run. I started questioning, why was this run so much easier? Then I had a revelation... The treadmill was so difficult because I was getting dizzy from running in place for so long, breathing in stale sweaty air. Trying to avoid eye contact because I had zero makeup on and feeling a little self-conscious.  I was getting distracted and unable to focus on my usual things.  I like to pray when I run and embrace my surrounding.  This time it just wasn't happening. While I was running outside, I had the pleasure of seeing so much beauty.  I got to breath fresh air and got to be alone with my thoughts and prayers.  It was glorious.  Then the light bulb lit up...
Life is like a run.  You can run your life on a treadmill staying stagnate, in one place never getting anywhere.  Never growing or developing.  Never getting to know your inner self and inner voice.  Or you can run outside.  Outside where you get to fill your lungs with fresh air.  You get to see the beauty that's surrounding you.  Where there is a starting and ending point.  There will be a destination.  Sometimes your destination changes a bit, but there is always a destination in the end.  You grow and learn and start to trust yourself and your abilities.  I don't know about you - but I would much rather be outside.  My prayer is that all of you would join me on the "outside" run.


  I have been working with The Hollywood Beauty Detectives and was lucky enough to work as a makeup artist and hair stylist on the project, Redefining "I Am Beauty" 10 Legendary Looks.  Part of the video we took was interviewing these ladies telling us what they didn't like about themselves. What an eye opener!  I thought each of them were beautiful in their own way.  They had a beauty inside that radiated so intensely that it showed on their face.  It was a life changing experience to hear what they found beautiful.  I will be blogging about it more once the content gets all edited and put together.  Then you all can see what it is that I'm talking about.  I can't wait!!!
  To end this go-around, I will leave you with this question... Do you want to live your life stuck running on a treadmill or do you want to run outside?