The Hollywood Beauty Detective is Starting a Beauty Riot

beauty-riotIt's 2017 and we're ready to start a beauty riot! As The Hollywood Beauty Detective, my goal is to bring Hollywood to the masses and let the masses help me reframe and reclaim the concept of beauty. Collectively, we are on a mission to take beauty back from its limited Western approach, because The Hollywood Beauty Detective's team believes that women everywhere of all ages want to embrace non-mainstream versions of beauty. We want to be celebrated for the kind of women we are, inside and out.

With the help of THBD's beauty coordinator and makeup artist, Melissa McNamara, we created The Hollywood Beauty Detective's 10 Legendary Looks; 10 “Looks” that reflect the essence of a woman.  After doing countless of workshops with women that focused on using makeup and fashion as tools for self-expression, Melissa and I saw just how powerful it was to show a woman how to express herself through makeup, instead of trying to look like an unattainable version of beauty, such as the ones we are bombarded with by the media.

We watched women transform, just by understanding that, yes, she could express her adventurous nature by accentuating her cheekbones and creating a strong smoky eye.  We see makeup as a tool for empowerment and medium of self expression.

We want women to consider what they want to present to the world and consider what they want the world to see when they walk out the door. Are you a Leader...a woman driven to achieve your vision and have a lasting influence? Perhaps you're more of a Dreamer...a woman who sees possibility in everything and approaches life with a curiosity, optimism and a sense of excitement.

Our inspirations for The Hollywood Beauty Detective's 10 Legendary Looks were drawn from women who have inspired us and touched our souls; from 'real life role models,' to celebrities

The Leader: commanding, forceful/ Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, THBD Team Member Lillah McCarthy


emma-3The Dreamer: whimsical, romantic, playful/ Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, THBD Team Member Melissa McNamara, THBD Friend Elizabeth Chomko


oprah-1The Inspirer: original, charismatic, idealistic/ Rhianna, Oprah Winfrey, THBD Friend Cynthia Oredugba


anistonThe Natural: spontaneous, free-spirited, authentic/ Jennifer Aniston, Thandie Newton, THBD Friend Katie Stevens


holly-6The Enchantress: sexy, sensuous, captivating/ Marilyn Monroe, Kerry Washington, THBD Team Member McKenna Kasper, Holly Fulger (me)


cateThe Seeker: ethereal, soulful, graceful/ Cate Blanchett, Lucy Liu, THBD Team Member Elizabeth Birmingham, THBD Friend Margo Ingham


beyThe Dazzler: glamorous, exotic, vibrant/ Beyonce, Tyra Banks, THBD Friend Catherine Curry-Williams



natalieThe Sophisticate: worldly, chic, refined/ Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, THBD Friend Betsy Zajko



gaga-and-mikeThe Artist: unconventional, distinctive, expressive/ Madonna, Lady Gaga, THBD Friend Genevieve Sachs


emma-blueThe Thinker: balanced, focused, wise/ Emma Watson, Gloria Steinem, THBD Friend and Professional Boxer Lucia Rijker


I know, as an actress in Hollywood, I have always focused on looking a certain way: young, blonde, and perfect. I am none of those things and chasing after that has taken a toll on me, in so many ways. It did, however, inspire me to create The Hollywood Beauty Detective, and to realize that I could make a difference in the way beauty is presented.

We realize that women are sometimes intimidated by makeup and we want to change that by presenting women with a beauty road map, of sorts. We want you to join us and get to know each 'Look.' With your help, our goal is to create a new beauty ideal and ultimately, celebrate and acknowledge our true, beautiful selves.