What is Beauty?

As defined by The Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Beauty: the quality of being physically attractive: the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind

Therefore, we see beauty on either the outside or the inside of a being. Let us explore!

We all have known aesthetically “beautiful” people that have become “ugly”. At first, second and maybe even third glance we are enamored by their features but as times passes and their inner qualities shine, their less than beautiful inner being starts to take precedence and the once flawless beauty has become less than; and vice versa. This experience leads me to believe that beauty is born internally.

Becoming a mother, I started to look at the core of my thoughts, worldviews, and the people around me. Sadly, many people do not believe they are beautiful. Not in an egotistical way but rather with an acceptance of who they are. We have aged comparing ourselves and judging others fueling our fear.

I decided the only way to see change is to become change. Living a life of example, through my actions, words and thoughts about myself and empowering others to take ownership of their true beauty had become my goal. Acceptance at the highest level of being.

What I have come to learn through styling numerous clients, models for editorials, traveling, attending events and meeting new people is that we all are imperfectly perfect! Even celebrities. We all want to feel good, be healthy and like what we see in the mirror. We all have the power to define beauty. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is personal. Beauty is embracing flaws with grace. We are all works of art. Every day we have the ability to work on ourselves; our greatest masterpiece. When we accept the responsibility of our own beauty and not someone else’s we begin to radiate. Our ideals shift and we become beauty. When there is an inner balance of mindless thoughts and heartfelt feelings there is harmony in our existence. We are in tune. Presence evokes the senses; energy becomes magnetic.

It is a confidence, an aura, a glow, that attracts people to you. There is nothing more beautiful than to believe in being your own kind of beautiful! Utter acceptance of oneself; unconditional love reflected inward. Building your inner spirit to shine. If our soul shines, our eyes sparkle & we see beauty in abundance. This beauty can move mountains. When people are confidant, comfortable and fearless of judgement they can reach higher, dig deeper, stand taller and live brighter!

p.s. Beauty is felt, not seen.