What's My Eye Shape?: How to Identify Yours with Makeup Tips

One question I always get as a makeup artist - "What is the shape of my eye and how should I apply my makeup?"   Why is this so important?  Imagine if you are a size 10 trying to fit in a size 2 dress...  Not flattering, right? eye shape chart Once you take The 10 Legendary Looks Quiz, get your corresponding makeup kit and you can follow along with these tips.  Follow these 4 easy questions to determine what eye shape you are.



Can you see your crease?  If not -


hooded eyes

Tips:  Create your own crease!  Close one eye while looking in the mirror and place a dot of shadow in the center of your eye - Where your crease SHOULD be.  Open up your eye, and blend the dot into a half moon shape over your eye and... POOF!  Instant eye crease!


Can you see your crease, but your brow bone protrudes over it?  If yes - 


deep set eyes


TIPS:  Be careful of what I call the "caveman effect"!  Steer clear of those shimmery highlighted brow bones, and darkly contoured crease colors.  Instead, try matte skin tone shades for your brow bone, and a medium/taupes for the crease.  Experiment with color on your lid with your eye shadow or eyeliner - Show off all those shimmery colors anywhere BUT the brow bone.


If you draw an imaginary line through your crease, is the outer corner going down below that line?  If yes - 


downturned eyes


TIPS:  You were made for the "cat eye"!  Instead of following the natural line of the upper lid with your liner, create an upward swing at the end of the eye.  You can either leave that line the way it is, blend a little shadow over it and up into the crease in a "v" shape.


Are the whites of your eyes visible around your iris if you are looking straight ahead?  If yes - 


prominent eyes


TIPS:  The "smoky eye" looks perfect on your eye shape.  Line the inner rims with dark liner, and blend a dark shadow on the upper and lower lid.  I like a matte nude shade in crease.  Load up on lots of mascara go for those false lashes!


If you're still not sure where you are with these shapes, let me know!  Leave a question or comment below and I will make sure you get on the right track.  Most importantly - HAVE FUN!