When Lady Gaga Thanked Michael Goi: The Hollywood Beauty Detective at The Golden Globes

Michael Goi and Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes Like most of Hollywood, I watched the Golden Globes the other night. I love Ricky Gervais and his irreverence regarding all of it. He really is funny...like laugh out loud funny. And it is pretty dazzling isn't it? I mean, Helen Mirren's necklace alone took my breath away (as did Helen, as she always does).

And, like the nerd I am, I am always thrilled to see individuals I know and have worked with. It makes me feel like I'm a part of it- sitting at home in my sweats with my dogs to the left and right of me.  There was Jamie Lee Curtis (I worked with her on Anything But Love) looking stunning...showing the world how to be glamorous, hot, and rock that short hair. And then Tom Hanks (I worked with him at The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival years ago when we were both interns).

But for me, the evening took a turn of fabulousness when Lady Gaga won for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie. There she was, stunning and so very moved for winning, thanking her team, her family, the cast, and her amazing directors, "Thank you Brad Buecker, Michael Uppendahl, Michael Goi, and Loni Peristere, my amazing directors. Thank you. I’m truly speechless. I really am truly speechless. Thank you so much."

Michael Goi!!!! Oh. My God. I was stunned and excited in the best possible way!!! Michael Goi! Michael Goi was the Director of Photography for The Hollywood Beauty Detective!!! Michael Goi helped me create my show. He is part of my show (when you do things in LA that have less of a budget than American Horror Story - like my show- many times individuals work for deferred payment or points in the show on the back-end.) Michael has points in the show. I'm not sure he even knows that yet.

I have know Michael since I started acting in Chicago. He shot the very first thing I ever did- a short film called The Hunger Artist. I still had my old nose then (before nose job). He has shot countless headshots for me, demo reels, helped me when I first moved out to LA, took my wedding pictures for my first wedding, and has just been one of the most wonderful and generous friends I have ever met. When I came up with this idea and asked him to shoot it, he said, yes. And he shot all the episodes.

My friend, Michael Goi and I, the last day of shooting

I love Michael Goi. No one deserves to be thanked by Lady Gaga more than him. He is amazingly talented and generous. Truly a good soul. And yes, briefly, when Lady Gaga said his name, I felt that part of The Hollywood Beauty Detective was at the Golden Globes too. A tiny, miniscule, six degrees of separation kind of part, but nonetheless... hanks 2And by the way, Tom Hanks has continually helped me with promoting my show and Jamie lee Curtis did a shout out on Twitter for our Indiegogo campaign. So...see you at the Oscars...